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    Geneva International Film Festival 2023 (GIFF)

    Client: Geneva International Film Festival

    Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) was founded in 1995 and is Geneva’s oldest film festival and one of the first in the world to include television in its programs.

    A crossroads of genres and disciplines, a place of experimentation, encounters and celebration, it offers every year for ten days, films, series, interactive installations and virtual reality works to some 50,000 festival-goers. The largest space in Switzerland dedicated to immersive arts, the GIFF has become one of the major events in Europe.

    At the heart of the event is the Geneva Digital Market, a unique event in Switzerland dedicated to audiovisual innovation. Professionals of the image, industrialists and theoreticians from all over the world meet, debate and exchange on what makes the audiovisual universe of today and what will cross it tomorrow.


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