• b.square is the matchmaking platform that manages one-to-one meetings easily and focuses on participants' satisfaction.


    Aren't you curious?

    b. square is the B2B matchmaking platform that meets pre, in and post-event needs, from participants’ subscription and interaction to the arrangement of 1:1 meetings onsite, hybrid and online and activities and exportable materials for reports and statistics, used in Film Festivals and business events worldwide.

    An example of agenda of b.square

    I am your digital assitant

    b.square is based on an optimization algorithm implementation of an operative research heuristics that elaborates an unlimited number of appointments autonomously.

    The aim of such algorithm is to create and to deliver the best agenda possible by:

    • elaborating the accepted meetings among the total number of the appointment requests ;
    • considering the degree of importance attributed to participants and meeting requests;
    • criss-crossing the availability time of both interlocutors;
    • generating the highest number of meetings possible in a specific date and time of the main event;
    • managing the so-called Panels, namely any side events that can be included in the participants' agenda (e.g. Open Ceremony, Pitchings, Round tables, Jury meetings, private group of meetings);
    • sending a final e-mail to users with their final agenda.

    We care about your attendees

    b.square is designed to increase participants' satisfaction and to help organizers easily meet their attendee's needs or preferences.

    Every participant can assign an importance value based on a star-rating system to the accepted meetings: b.square will elaborate the agendas taking into consideration such parameters.

    In addition, Admins can influence the optimization of agendas by assigning different "weights" to participants: the higher the weight, the more important the participant.

    Constantly evolving!

    Technologically smart, easy-to-use, constantly evolving from event to event, b.square provides the winning format to let participants live the experience of one-to-one meeting inside any event reaching tangible business results.

    Our platform is so appreciated that became a must-have solution to increase event dimension and popularity from years to years: attendees and organizers are so familiar with its intuitive functionalities that it naturally became a true user-friendly tool!

    More colour, more fun!

    Did you know that it is now possible to customise your own b.square? Now you can get an insta-result of what the platform would look like. Change colours, change background and any details in the platform. b.square will be easily associated to your main website in terms of colours and graphics.


    It has your back!

    In every situation the platform is always providing instant hints to have the whole control of the event in any phase and helpful suggestions to fix special meeting cases.

    Our team is always available to support you by providing its technical and organizational knowledge gained in more than ten years of one-to-one event experience.

    b.square allow to manage the availability of every participant

    What is possible with b.square?

    Here below the main capabilities and functionalities

    b.square manages customizable application form
    Designed application form

    You will be asked to work on the b.square application form to structure the profile of your category groups and choose among different types of profile fields (text, image, drop-down menu, single or multiple choice, downloadable PDF, links and much more)

    b.square gives appointment suggestions
    May I suggest you?

    b.square AI let attendees take a look at the participant list and fiter by areas of interests to find out the users with closest and common interests in order to finalize the meeting request.

    b.square manages panels subscription
    Why only one-to-ones?

    b.square allows you to handle any side event or activity beside the 1:1 meetings. The Panel section is the area dedicated to the creation of such events (i.e. Jury meetings, Round Tables, private or meeting groups) alongside the subscribtion of individuals or group of participants in online and onsite form anytime.

    b.square is able to freeze meetings
    Hey, meetings are locked

    After freezing your meetings, your appointments are no longer subject to changes by the system. This procedure is normally processed a few days before the event starts and preceeds the delivery of the agendas to participants.
    No worries! The b.square algorithm is still capable of generating new incoming appointments in the remaining slots without influencing the pre-locked meeting list.

    b.square manages  real time optimization
    Faster than light!

    b.square has a very efficient optimization algorithm that elaborates each meeting request to be assigned to a specific date and timeslot, still taking into consideration any panels subscriptions and your attendees' availabilities. Run the optimizer - it will take less than a minute, for real!

    b.square is a SaaS platforms
    SaaS platform

    b.square is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) web platform.
    Nor users neither organizations have to install software on their computer: can you please have a stable internet connection and a b.square account though?
    SaaS platform means an always up-to-date tool in a controlled webfarm, with data storage on dedicated servers and a backup service always on.

    b.square integrates others tools
    Let's integrate!

    b.square is integrable with every platform, private and public, accessible in Internet with an API interface.
    b.square is already integrated with MailChimp, PayPal, Eventival and Cinando

    b.square manages data sharing
    Import, import, EXPORT

    b.square will provide you the dedicated Import documents to import the list of participants and/or meeting requests to be uploaded in a machine-readable format (e.g., .csv or .xls files).
    Materials regarding information about participants, meetings are easily downloadable from the Exports area at the end of the event for reports, statistics and storage.

    b.square video call
    Onsite, Online or Hybrid?

    You said face-to-face meetings? Table can be randomly assigned or pre-assigned. Wait, your event is online or hybrid: learn more about the video meeting function of b.square; just click on the Link button in Agenda and attend.
    b.square offers you BlueJeans for videoconferencing alongside its monitoring platform. However, any other external tool such as Zoom can be used.

    What customers and users say about b.square

    b.square is
    b.square is a Risolviamo tool

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