• b.square is the matchmaking platform that allows to manage one-to-one meetings easily and to increase participants satisfaction.


    About b.square

    b.square is the B2B matchmaking event management platform able to fully manage pre, in and post-event needs, from subscription to participants satisfaction evaluation. Participants experience the freedom to do their business at the best, profiling their companies, asking and accepting appointments on their own.
    An example of agenda of b.square

    A killer application

    b.square is based on an optimization algorithm implementation of an operative research heuristics that navigates the appointments tree in all its deepness.

    The aim of the algorithm is to create the best appointment agenda that satisfying:

    • appointments requests
    • participants availability
    • participants importance for organizers
    • appointments importance for every participant
    • participation at panels

    Participants satisfaction

    b.square is designed to increase participants' satisfaction and to help organizers easily satisfy the requests of key players.

    Every participant can assign a "score" at the accepted meetings: b.square manages the agenda accounting for these preferences.

    The organization can tune the optimization of agendas through the assignment of different "weights" to participants: the higher is the weight the higher will be the participant's importance. The algorithm satisfies VIPs before other participants so that their agendas will be full of meetings.

    All so cute!

    Technologically smart, easy-to-use, constantly evolving from event to event, b.square provide the winning format to let participants live the experience of one-to-one meeting inside any event reaching tangible business results.

    Love it madly!

    b.square is so appreciated by organizers that become a must-have solution to increase event dimension and popularity from years to years. Participants are so addicted to its easy-to-use management capabilities that naturally become ambassadors of the solution to other potential attendees

    Don't worry be happy!

    In every situation the platform is always by your side, guaranteeing the whole control of the event in any phase at a glance.

    Our team is always available to support you by providing its technical and organizational experience gained in more than ten years of one-to-one events.

    b.square allow to manage the availability of every participant

    All the tools you need ...

    ... and maybe some others you didn't know you needed

    b.square manages customizable application form
    application form

    b.square embeds application forms easy to fill in and fully customizable, to learn what your attendees are looking for or have to offer during their interactions with other players.

    b.square gives appointment suggestions

    Based on their networking interests, attendees can receive tips of other players' profiles and are able to choose whom they want to send a meeting request.

    b.square manages panels subscription

    Bsquare handles every planning and communication needs, which includes management of participants and their subscription, settings of panels, sending email notifications, full control of each phase of the event.

    b.square is able to freeze meetings

    b.square allows freezing a meeting to be sure that its scheduling will not change. The meetings freezing is normally used a few days before the event in order to ensure participants, especially long-distant travellers, that their appointment list will not change.
    Even if some meetings have been already frozen the optimization algorithm continues its job by setting new meetings without moving the frozen ones.

    b.square manages  real time optimization
    Real time

    b.square has a very efficient optimization algorithm that evaluates each meeting request, panels subscriptions and attendees' availability for schedule personalized meeting agendas automatically.

    b.square is a SaaS platforms
    Software as a
    Service platform

    b.square is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) web platform.
    Nor users neither organizations have to install software on their computer: they only need a web browser and an internet connection and their username and password, of course!
    SaaS platform means an always up-to-date tool in a controlled webfarm, with data storage on dedicated servers and a backup service always on.

    b.square integrates others tools

    b.square is integrable with every platform, private and public, accessible in Internet with an API interface.
    b.square is already integrated with:
    - MailChimp to manage DEM and mass mailing;
    - EventBrite to be integrated in a smart event;
    - PayPal to manage payment;
    - Eventival management software for film festival

    b.square manages data sharing

    b.square platform is able to import the participants' list and other information uploading files given by the organizers in a machine-readable format (e.g., .csv or .xls files).
    In the same way, after the event, any information on the participants, meetings and panels is downloadable to be analyzed or simply stored.

    b.square video call

    In addition to the traditional face-to-face meetings, it is now possible to participate in events exclusively online thanks to the video meeting function of b.square. Users do not require any accounts or installations: it is possible to join meetings through a link.
    b.square makes use of the Jitsi platform for videoconferencing, but it is also possible to use other channel systems such as Youtube Live and Zoom or other online services.

    What customers and users say about b.square

    b.square is
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