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    Locarno Film Festival 2020

    Client: Locarno Film Festival

    Throughout its 73-year history, the Locarno Film Festival has occupied a unique position in the landscape of the major film festivals. Every August, for eleven days the Swiss-Italian town of Locarno, right in the heart of Europe, becomes the world capital of auteur cinema.

    For the Future of Films is the 2020 edition of the Locarno Film Festival. This special edition, designed to be a "year zero", gathering films and viewers in the great digital Piazza that is the world wide web and in our local theaters. The audience will connect from all over the world to discover premieres, support the films of tomorrow and explore projects aimed at promoting the Festival’s values and history.

    Why b.square?

    As a meeting point for people who make and work in cinema, the Locarno Film Festival has always been a place for reflection and debate on moving images, their future, and their history. That’s why the development and promotion of the Festival archive are two key concepts of the Locarno 2020 Projects.

    b.square helps the organization to arrange the meetings of all the professional events and give to the participants a tool to manage their appointments.


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