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    Whistler Film Festival 2021

    Client: Whistler Film Festival

    The Whistler Film Festival (WFF), established in 2001, is an annual film festival held in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

    WFF’s Content Summit presents a snapshot of the most transformative ideas shaping the future of screen entertainment and creates an inclusive environment for industry professionals at every level to network, connect and advance their careers.

    This year’s WFF Content Summit is taking place online to connect storytellers to dealmakers, audiences, filmmakers, and industry with selected films.

    Events include film premieres, industry summits, talent programs, parties and special guest appearances by actors and directors.



    Why b.square? 

    For the second year in a row, the Whistler Film Festival 1+1 Virtual Market Meetings is powered by B.Square Platform for its 2021 edition. 

    Our matchmaking software will facilitate productive and plentiful meetings between Industry Guests and Delegates across Canada and internationally.

    This is the opportunity to relate with pass holders, filmmakers and talent lab participants and discuss projects and shared ideas for further and proficient collaborations.


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