• b.square is the matchmaking platform that allows to manage one-to-one meetings easily and to increase participants satisfaction.


    A dedicated platform for Film Festivals

    Starting from our experience in managing business-matching meetings in international fairs and thanks to the collaboration with Eventival, we have developed a Film Festival Organizations dedicated version of b.square.

    The collaboration with Eventival was born from a similar context and thanks to our common client Torino Film Lab.

    The new platform allows the Film Festival organization to easily manage one-to-one industry meetings.


    Create your one-to-one event

    Using b.square, you can define any aspect or your one-to-one meeting event details.

    How the event takes place:

    • The dates during which the event takes place
    • The duration of a meeting
    • The number of meetings per day
    • The break between one meeting and another
    • The different participant types that join the event (e.g., Guest, Projects)

    How the event works:

    • The different participant types that join the event (e.g., Guest, Projects)
    • The rules of engagement. (e.g., Projects can meet only Guest and vice-versa)
    • The main accessible sections and functions that participants are supposed to use in the platform
    • The organization can set a weight for each participant to manage its importance

    Profile your participants

    You can define all the participants' profile fields (e.g., name, surname, company name, country). 

    Decide what fields are mandatory, public, or specific of a defined group.

    Insert descriptions, links, e-mail addresses, upload images, and pdf files.


    Export participants from Eventival

    It is possible to export the participants' data from Eventival to b.square directly from the Eventival visitor pages.


    Eventival Account / Cinando

    Users can log in to the b.square platform with an Eventival or Cinando account.


    Different Scenarios

    b.square can successfully handle many different scenarios for satisfying organizational needs:

    • Scenario 1: A free area for your business
      Participant groups can manage meeting requests autonomously. Indeed, everybody can send or accept requests.

    • Scenario 2: A service to the participants
      The organization provides a service to participants. Indeed, it proposes appointments that are accepted or declined by the participants.

    • Scenario 3: A fully managed One-To-One
      Participants can request meetings but are the organizers that independently manage the incoming and outgoing appointments of each participant.

    The best personal assistant ever.

    The b.square artificial intelligence system adopts an advanced management tool for the organization of the events that act as a personal assistant, organizing the best schedule possible, starting from meeting requests and participants' availability.

    b.square is programmed to increase the participants’ satisfaction. Each participant can attribute a score to the confirmed appointments. Also, the organizers can evaluate a meeting request. The platform organizes the appointments based on such rating scales.

    b.square is technically advanced, easy-to-use, and continually evolving since it adapts to different event types.


    Integrate any aspect of a one-to-one event.

    The platform guarantees a full-access to the management of the event. Panels are time slots present in the agendas, occupied by side events such as round tables, conference meetings, or lunch breaks.


    Quickly change from an offline to an online meeting event.

    In addition to the traditional face-to-face meetings, it is now possible to participate in events exclusively online thanks to the video meeting function of b.square. The platform adopts Jitsi, a multiplatform for free open-source video conferencing and chat rooms, for the ordinary and correct conduct of the participants’ appointments. Users do not require any accounts or installations: it is possible to join meetings through a link.

    b.square makes use of the Jitsi platform for videoconferencing, but it is also possible to use other channel systems such as Youtube Live and Zoom or other online services.


    Final schedule.

    b.square allows you to freeze a specific meeting to prevent any changes to the event program. The agendas are frozen a few days before the event starts to assure participants, especially those who come from other countries, that their appointment list is final.

    It is possible to synchronize the appointments from b.square to any other device using .iCal format. Moreover, the PDF document of the appointment list can be downloaded or directly printed.


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