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    b.square features

    Take your one-to-one meeting event to the next level using a professional vertical solution with features that an integrated module can never give you.

    Platform customization

    Figma-based graphics setting
    online WYSIWYG content editing
    email customization
    dedicate third-level domain

    Participants profiling

    multiple customized group profiles
    participant registration
    acceptance or rejection of requests
    participants importance rating
    projects enrollment with members' profilings
    profiling of project members
    uploading participants' profiles via Excel file
    on-the-fly participant creation through API
    main SSO compatibility
    online / offline participating status
    time zone management
    automatic daylights saving time switching

    Participants presentation

    gorgeous card-based participants page
    details of project members visible at a glance
    complete participant card in a modal
    search and filter
    visibility of participants based on the group membership

    Meeting requests management

    meeting request directly from the participant card
    optional attached message
    acceptance or rejection of the meeting
    meeting request rating at any time

    Automatic meetings scheduling

    continuous optimization of scheduling
    analysis of all meeting requests and participant availability
    prioritization of participants based on importance
    scheduling drive by participant satisfaction
    day by day optimization during the event
    automatic table assignment

    Curated meetings scheduling

    acting as a participant at any time
    administrator-level creation of the meeting request
    accepting or rejecting the meeting on behalf of a participant or group
    check of participant mutual availability
    suggesting the best time to hold the meeting
    meeting lock available at any time
    table assignment

    Beyond one-to-one meeting

    group meeting scheduling
    check of participant global availability
    subscribable pitch and presentation
    venues capability control
    automatic unavailability for one-to-one meetings
    unique schedule for all the event

    Online capability

    efficiently managing online and hybrid events
    settings to determine when online activity takes place
    unique and secure virtual rooms for the meetings
    all Zoom video meetings capabilites

    Onsite desk support

    automatic and filtered schedule PDF creation
    meetings schedule Excel export
    last minute enrolment
    on request meetings scheduling
    participants no show management
    day by day optimization

    Security and privacy

    dedicated AWS server for each client
    Linux-based operating system
    EU GDPR compliant
    hourly Data Base backup


    b.square is
    b.square is a Risolviamo tool

    risolviamo s.r.l. company register of Turin
    number TO-1010887 paid-in capital € 10.000,00

    corso trieste, 23 - turin - italy
    corso duca degli abruzzi, 34 bis - turin - italy
    via copernico, 38 - milan - italy

    phone +39 011 5625601
    fax +39 011 19790869